Welcome! I Am Happy You've Stopped By!

welcomeHello! And welcome! My name is Siobhán. I live in Vancouver, BC and I am a yoga teacher, writer, and the owner of Sky Yoga Teacher Training 

I absolutely love what yoga has taught me  – to live simply and in the present moment – and genuinely love the time I spend with my students in class. I have been teaching since 2010 and have successfully co-lead seven 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings. I made the decision this year to branch out on my own and become completely self employed, creating my own 200 hour training that felt more authentic to who I am as a teacher and reflected more of what I wanted to be able to offer.
I didn’t know it would come to this at theblue-bucket-with-seashells-thumb14924026-1 time I took my own training, but teaching yoga is my dream job (read my post on that here), and guiding others through their 200 hour certification the icing on the cake of the dream job.
I am very passionate about making life what I want it to be – i.e. living MY own dreams and not someone else’s. I do not believe we are meant to trudge through life working at a job we hate to buy stuff we don’t need.   My blog, A Simple Blue Bucket, is where I spill my thoughts and views on living simply and with passion.

2cropWhere are YOU in life? Are you ready for a ground breaking shift in your world?

Taking a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is not just to learn how to lead a yoga class. It’s for anyone who wants to get to know their true self. It’s for anyone who wants to feel freer – in their heart, their mind AND their body. There is an incredible amount of self discovery that happens during the process of becoming a yoga teacher – it changed the way I approached my self and my life, in a very profound way.  

Sky Yoga Teacher Training is running it’s next intensive 200 hour yoga teacher training session June 2016, in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

I am thrilled you have stopped by and look forward to interacting with you here – and meeting you in real life one day!

xo Siobhán