Doing The Best We Can With the Tools We Have

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  1. Sheri-Lee says:

    I have some people in my life who don’t have a good set of tools. It’s hard to watch, but you’re exactly right about not judging them because they’ve got crappy tools. They are doing what they can with the tools they’ve got. It might not be the best use of their tools either, but somehow they need to be the ones to recognize it. We can try to give them different tools, but if they don’t know how to use them or think their doing fine with their own, there is not much we can do. I’ve been learning a lot about how to love them, accept them, not judge them, be kind, listen, forgive, and hope. It’s a long and hard road. But it’s their road and they need a fellow sojourner.

    On the topic of books and fighting fear/using your tools, Steve sent me this link and I think this would be an interesting book to read.

  2. Oh, I know, Sheri-Lee. A few people in my life come immediately to mind when I think about putting that all into practice. And knowing that I had to learn things for myself, no matter WHO told me I needed to change things, doesn’t make it any easier when I see others making things more difficult than they need to be. It’s frustrating knowing that standing back and waiting until they REALLY need you is the best way we can be there for them.

    And that Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book has crosse my path a few times now. I guess I need to check it out!

    As always – thank you so much for reading and commenting, Sheri-lee!! xo