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do what you loveI have very wonderful students who I genuinely look forward to seeing each week to practice together. As, well, many of the inspiring students who have joined me for Yoga Teacher Training have left a permanent imprint on my heart. They have graciously offered to share their experience of being in my class.  

I would love for you to be encouraged by these comments to come and see me at the studio, to contact me regarding private or corporate sessions and to explore the option of joining me for your 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training.



  • I just want to thank you for this experience – it has truly been life changing. You have been and will continue to be a huge influence in my life and I am so grateful for that. Thank you for helping me along my path and helping me realize my true self. Jamie, Winnipeg YTT April 2017. 


  • You are an excellent listener, and were so supportive and accessible through out this process. Thank you. Kyle, Winnipeg YTT, April 2017.


  • I knew what I was coming in for, but really did not expect the degree of spiritual and personal growth. It surpassed all my expectations. I feel like I was exactly where I was meant to be for those 4 weeks. Deanne, Winnipeg YTT, April 2017.


  • This was a life changer for me. My road took a sharp turn for the better when it really could have stayed the way it was going . It was so much more than yoga – it was LIFE as well as yoga. Thank you! Barb, Winnipeg YTT June 2016.


  • You are amazing and an inspiration! I love that you lead a yogic lifestyle without being too preachy about it – still being down to earth. You’re very warm and I love how much you smile and laugh and bring a great vibe to class. This training exceeded my expectations. I was hoping to have a life changing experience and I did. The training brought me out of my depression and taught me how to live peacefully. I think it’s great not only for people who want to be yoga teachers, but for anyone wanting to learn to live authentically. Laurel, Winnipeg YTT, June 2016.


  • I couldn’t think of a better way to spend 200 hours! You helped show me the way to a richer, fuller and stronger life and I’m not sure I could ever find the word to thank you! Tracy, Winnipeg YTT, June 2016. 


  • I love how authentically you own your own style of teaching and yoga. I have been turned off by many yoga teacher trainings due to the often elitist attitude and “cliquey-ness”that makes YTT seem really inaccessible for many people. You’re so down to earth and real, that I never had that feeling even once. That was huge for me. Cindy, Winnipeg YTT, June 2016.


  • Thank you for taking me from a place of “Oh, I can’t possibly talk anyone through a one hour class” to “I’ve got this!” I’m checking this off my bucket list and moving forward with my dream! Namasté!! Linda, Winnipeg YTT, June 2016.


  • Siobhan has given more than just great Yoga teacher training, she gave me knowledge about the practice, practical direction and above all confidence in my own personal ability not only to teach yoga but to actually live it. I started teacher training with Siobhan ‘hoping I would be able’ …. I left teacher training ‘knowing I am able’. I recommend Siobhan highly and am grateful to her. Siobhan O’Leary, Yoga Nenagh, Ireland.


  • I couldn’t have asked for more from my teacher training with Siobhan. Her positive attitude and enthusiasm are a perfect match for diving into 200hrs of curriculum- you can’t help but want to dive in with her. She created a safe and magical learning space in which I was able to truly be myself for the first time in years. She provided an open forum for everyone to look inward and share how they personally related to the material. Siobhan’s modern and fun approach to teaching resulted in a deeper, more personal understanding of the Yogic texts. Not only did I learn how to be a Yoga teacher, but I learned how to be a better version of myself. Melody, YTT June 2015


  • In the short two weeks spent with Siobhan, I learned the importance of vulnerability, fun, non judgment, self love and care, grace, and many other things. Class with her was always full of laughter and she made learning fun. She backs up everything she says, she’s honest, and genuine and I’ve been blessed to have her as a teacher. xoxox Abbie, YTT June 2015


  • I had the privilege of completing my 200HR YTT with Siobhan in Hawaii during April 2015. The valuable and practical skills Siobhan shared, substantially improved my own practice, but more importantly, instilled within me confidence to stand up in front of a group and teach a class with composure and fearlessness. Siobhan brings far more to every class than just a list of do’s and dont’s; she opens up her heart and encourages you to do the same. I walked away with more than just my 200HR teacher certification; I took with me new-found knowledge about who I am, what I’m capable of and what I deserve. Thanks Siobhan! – Rosi, YTT, 2015


  • My Yoga Teacher Training with Siobhán was a life-changing experience. I was nervous before attending my training, but after meeting Siobhán, quickly overcame that fear. Siobhán created a sacred space, in which I felt safe to explore my mat, and myself. Siobhán’s wealth of knowledge and experience was a tremendous resource. But what really makes Siobhán an exceptional teacher is her ability to connect with everyone in the room as an individual. She is sensitive and firm, energizing and supportive, hilarious and sincere. I am so grateful for all that she taught me, and for all of the love she poured into my training. She is a natural and passionate teacher, and a truly wonderful person. – Rebecca, YTT, 2015


  • I took my YTT with Siobhan in April and it impacted me more than I ever expected or could imagine. Her insights into how to be present in our modern world were life-changing for an A-type planner like me. Siobhan is an excellent teacher and made 16 days of hard work fly by. Her cues now run through my mind every time I come into Warrior 2. If you get an opportunity to take a class her, jump at the chance! – Erin, YTT Student, 2015


  • I completed the 200 HR YYT training in Spring of 2015 with Siobhan. I appreciated her immense zest for life, great sense of humour, her easy laughter, and generous spirit. She was respectful of everyone and her kind heart was readily evident. She is a practical and pragmatic teacher and I learned a great deal. I enjoyed her yoga classes and wish I lived closer to partake in more of them. – Genevieve, YYT Spring 2015


  • Siobhán! You have so much knowledge to share but are willing to open up and hear other people’s prespective and you genuinely take it into consideration. I love how much fun we have and you take time to be serious but silly too. Thank you! – Sheena, YTT student, 2015


  • I have been taking yoga classes with Siobhán for almost two years. She is an excellent teacher, inspiring, giving detailed explanations and of course is a delight to watch as she demonstrates. I love the pace – or rhythm – of her classes which – like a symphony, begin slowly, build, and then quietly slow down. As a senior and very active cyclist, I have benefited greatly from having Siobhán as my teacher.   – Sharon, a senior yoga student


  • My favorite part about Siobhán’s classes are her encouraging words. It makes me feel special to be part of her class and pushes me to try a little harder.  -Paula, studio student


  • I attended one of Siobhán’s classes when I was visiting Vancouver recently. The atmosphere was relaxed and fun, and Siobhán challenged each of the participants in the class to get as much out of their time on the mat as possible. She encouraged us to enjoy ourselves, to take out of our practice whatever we needed, to appreciate all the wonderful things our bodies can do, and to accept the things that were just not in the cards that day. It was obvious that Siobhán’s practice is not a set, overdone, boring routine. She works with what she and her class need at the time, and provides plenty of cues and variations on each pose, which made her class an adventure. I left feeling relaxed, refreshed, stronger, and more flexible. I truly wish I could make Siobhán’s classes a regular part of my week. – Jennifer, studio student


  • I really enjoy Siobhán’s supportive, gentle and caring teaching style. She creates a warm and safe learning environment while making the class challenging yet still fun. – Nelson, studio student


  • The usual descriptors – “knowledgeable”, “skilled”- don’t work. Go farther, way beyond those margins. Imagine intelligent, intuitive wisdom of yogic practices; supported by reflective, caring connections with each student. Then wrap those qualities with an Irish spirit that loves life. These are some of the gifts that Siobhán Keely brings to her teaching of yoga. Superb! – Sondra, a senior yoga student


  • My YTT has so far been one of the most incredible and rewarding things I’ve ever done in my life, and Siobhán played a major role in that experience. Her passion is absolutely contagious, her dedication inspiring and her heart always open! I will forever be grateful for the energy, knowledge and laughs that I shared with Siobhán, and will always look back on that time with great fondness and a big smile! Thank you so much Siobhán! For all that you are and do! – Bree, YTT, 2013


  • Siobhán, thank you SO much for sharing your knowledge with us! I will remember you forever. – Chrissy, YTT, 2013


  • Doing a ytt with Siobhán was delightful. She has an amazing sense of humor and is great at reminding students that yoga is a path to your own center. She focused on the importance of mindfulness and self respect when doing and teaching yoga. – Ana, YTT student, 2014


  • Dear Siobhán: I want to thank you again for all your incredible classes & teachings, for treating us not only as students but also as friends and allowing me to receive all the necessary information to become a successful yoga teacher. You are unstoppable, love your website and miss u tons! Hope you are having an amazing time teaching all these teacher trainings world wide, lots of love! – Katie, YTT student, 2013


  • It is without a doubt that Siobhán created an incredible learning experience for me at my YTT. Her passion, knowledge and astounding ability to teach, is was made my time as remarkable as it was. Not only was she a teacher and mentor, she opened herself up as a friend. I feel so lucky that I was able to learn from Siobhan as she was authentic and practical with her views on Yoga.  – Cassie, YTT student, 2014


  • You are an amazing yoga instructor, and are generally just a wonderful person! You bring a lightheartedness with you everywhere you go. I very much respect that you incorporate humour into class, while keeping the calm relaxing vibes there too 🙂 I see how much you love yoga, and love to teach! When you teach it is apparent that your heart and soul are right there with you!  – Cavelle, YTT student, 2014


  • Siobhán’s down to earth nature is refreshing and creates a comfortable and open learning environment; her supportive teaching style encourages you to want to move a little deeper, expand a little further, and think more profoundly- because she genuinely believes in her students, their uniqueness and the gifts they have to offer.  – Becky, YTT, Winter, 2014


  • I feel so lucky to have had my YTT experience in Ibiza (spanish pretend life) with Siobhán as one of my teachers. She has a fountain of practical knowledge of yoga, is adaptable, is extremely supportive of those around her and just so naturally oozes yoga! She exposed me to deeper layers within the practice of yoga and has helped me to connect to myself and open my awareness of not only my body and practice but within all aspects of my life. She is sincere in who she is and what she teaches and remains open to ideas and humble as well. She helped me to let go of judgements and expectations and to be clear about intentions. Siobhán has such an infectious way about her and is so authentic that she continues to inspire me AND she’s got a laugh that will get you laughing too! Everyone should be so fortunate to learn from Siobhán, love this woman! – Sarah Blenkhorn RYT 200 



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