Three Important Things Yoga Taught Me

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  1. Sheri-Lee says:

    Hey I learned these things too being a physio. 🙂 I think life has taught you these things…life with yoga yes, but also just life and being present. I think people who are willing to ask the hard questions, love well, and take risks are the people who learn these things. I’m glad yoga was part of your journey, but I also think, a lot of it has to go with those three things about yourself.

    You’re awesome, Sweat Pea.

  2. True. I think I just associate the majority of my “life learnin'” with that period of time when I began to study yoga and how it led me to so many other awesome things. Like you calling me Sweet Pea :). As always, thank you so much for reading an commenting, Sheri-Lee!! xo